Friday, August 6, 2010

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Hey bluddies (blogger + buddies, I'm working on it) I'm in Illinois for a family function. I have no look of my own to show you at the moment, so stepping in for me is my brother Jerry aka Sais. He has a bunch of cool shirts like this, some of his own doing. Check my brother and his shirts out at his site Life Sais

The Look:
Clarks weavers
APC jeans
Uniqlo x Terry Richardson shirt



Lis-x- said...

Haha, bluddies! Yeah, you need to work on that.=P
Great post! Thanks for stopping by at my blog!

Off The Wardrobe

Anonymous said...

I like the new blog look, my dear! And your brother is a well-dressed man!

Elaine said...

His shirt is awesome!

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