Monday, August 16, 2010

I like it: Craig Sager

Well I'm not sure if I like it but I sure as hell respect sport sideline reporter Craig Sager's bold fashion choices. It's as if he was plucked from the set of a 1970s game show and placed in the 21st century for my enjoyment. I'm a sudden basketball fan and that is how Craig Sager has come to my attention. Despite how cute the players are, NBA uniforms don't do much for me. In a nutshell, Sager's suits make me smile.

source: Sports Illustrated


Kathryn said...

my favorite suit in the second one, he takes pattern mixing to a new level ;)

deep_in_vogue said...

Was never very aware of him before this post, but I do agree, he is one stylish guy!

ari said...

hi hun! great post.

i had noticed his off beat suits on TV before but never thought to search for more online, he is amazing. Now it all makes sense!

Anonymous said...

Oh man, he's fantastic! I love it. If I ever marry a man who dresses like that, it's gonna have to change. But it sure is fun to look at!

Graham I. Haynes said...

I think it's pretty awesome to see a blog post about this guy. What I've always loved about him is how subdued his demeanor is. I mean, the guy is a total professional and yet he dresses in the most outlandish way. Score.