Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It's a SJR Thing

Remember Sally Jesse Raphael? When I saw these glasses on the street I immediately flashed back to her big red frames. I had to get them and they were only three bucks!

The Look:
H&M top
BDG duck boots
random leggings
F21 necklace
street vendor glasses and hat


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Aless said...

Love your boots. Goddamnit I need to get boots that look like yours. :)

Andreia said...

funny glasees!!!!

Ashley said...

Cute sunnies!

Sammie said...

<3 those boots & i need a pair, especially with all this rain.

ari said...

cute! haha , love the red glasses

Dee O. said...

Those glasses are the bizzness!! You look too cute in these photos lol, nice blog! :)

feel free to check out my blog:

simplychic said...

LOL! i love sally jesse and i love the red glasses on you!