Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Barbie Nails

H&M jacket & sheer top
BDG cords
Converse sneakers
Thrifted belt

I have a new addiction and it's way less expensive than my shoe addiction (thank God). It's nail polish. In the last month I have bought more nail polish than I've ever had my whole life. So yesterday I painted my nails an obnoxious neon pink, then put glitter nail polish over that. Without me even realizing it I ended up with Barbie nails. I'm repulsed and drawn to these nails. I'm not the girliest person in the world so I think it works out.

See ya,


random: I totally got hit on in this outfit. It makes me happy to know you don't have to be showing skin to get a guy's attention. Must have been the Barbie nails ;)


Tima said...

A girl after my heart!! Now Im hella girly so I love the nails but I love the chillness(is that a word? LML)of your outfit. Youve done it again Kim!!


Kathryn said...

loving the barbie nails<3 they look gooood girl!

agnes said...

un super look, et j'aime beaucoup la couleur de ton vernir

simplychic said...

nail polish is one of my favorite accessories! the barbie nails are super cute. and i'm loving those cords. i need to get some in that color.