Monday, May 3, 2010

Miami: The final chapter

When I showed my friend Ash and her mom what I planned to wear for Ash's birthday they were frightened lol When I held this dress up to my body I must admit it looked like a top but once on me it magically lengthened. H&M is mystical like that.

The birthday girl and me

We definitely weren't ready

Now we're ready :)
The Look Goes as Follows:
H&M dress
Deena & Ozzy cheetah heels
Thrifted clutch
Fred Flare heart necklace



Graham I. Haynes said...

"Now we're ready"
I like that.

Looking stupendous in that dress.
Real standout.

Walk The Sand said...

That dress is gorgeous.... I really love it. Gonna try seek it out this weekend!

Ivy said...

I love this, you look so classy and chic.