Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Princess Cut Diamonds Increasing Popularity

The round brilliant cut diamond may be the most popular cut of diamond for engagement solitaires, but the princess cut diamond is fast catching up. This cut of diamonds was only recently introduced on the diamond scene in the 1060s. However, since then, its popularity has continued to grow as the shape and cut appeal to more modern tastes.

Unique Cut

The cut is unique in that it is a square or rectangular with a conical pavilion base. It can be as brilliant as the round brilliant cut, but with quite a different look. The combination of square cut with the sparkle of a brilliant round is ultra appealing to a crowd that wants their bling, but in a more modern shape than the round.

Price is Right

Another appealing fact of the princess cut diamond is its price. In a sour economy with consumers searching for high value/low cost luxury goods, the princess cut can’t be beat. The cut keeps about 80% of the rough diamond, in comparison to only 50% for the round brilliant, and this keeps costs down. You’ll end up getting more crystal used in the final cut stone from the rough diamond when you choose a princess cut diamond. Getting the modern style they want at the price they want is obviously one of the main reasons this cut is increasing in popularity daily.