Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Terrible 2s

Aldo shoes
Lark & Wolff button down
Blank NYC jeans via Lord & Taylor
blazer and scarf via Search & Destroy (on St. Marks)

I'm 22 today :)

My friend Shannon insists that the terrible twos doesn't only apply to toddlers and that I have a year of being a brat ahead of me haha.

This outfit is from Friday; I'm currently lounging in a sweatshirt and shorts :)



Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Girl ! I love your blog and your swag is TOP! All the best and may your wishes come true! x

Vintage Rules said...

Nice outfit

Manecoarse said...

Your hair is adorable. I love it.

Meekay said...

The blazer looks really good on you and I love it!


Lumi said...

Happy Birthday to you! Have a wonderful day and also enjoy all that's ahead of you!
Love your outfit btw!

Michelle said...

Have a happy 22nd. if it helps my terrible double 2s weren't too terrible then again I still have a few days of it left. lol

Happy birthday!! enjoy!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday..i love that all your looks look so effortlessly put together...its more than talent...

Andreea said...

Happy birthday my dear! I wish you all the best!
And let me tell you, those shoes are amazing..i adore them!

♥ Kisses ♥


ChiccaStyle said...

Happy Birthday honey!!!
You look great and your shoes are to die for!

agnes said...

j'adore tes chaussures, elles sont superbes