Wednesday, March 23, 2011

lolz. We're so STREET! -sean

Snapshot 2011-03-23 15-02-32
Madison, Alex, Sean & me


DSC_0011_10<span class=
H&M faux fur collar
BDG pants
gifted sweatshirt
Dr. Marten boots
RL backpack
LF watch

Before I get started, the sweatshirt I wore is one of my prized possessions. My brother makes cool tees and sweatshirts and this one is of him in cartoon form.

On Saturday The Urban Catwalk crew and friends shot a promotional video. For a couple of posts I've been alluding to a project I'm apart of, so let me answer a couple questions.

Q: What is The Urban Catwalk?
A: The Urban Catwalk is a conference, think street fashion meets academia, taking place at Yale next month.

Q: Kim, how do you fit into all of this?
A: I contribute to the blog, The Garage which is like the baby of The Urban Catwalk along with the founders Madison and Alex and another contributor named Sean. Together we hope to be a creative collective that presents cool shit and put on cool events. We want The Garage to be huge so help us get there. I'm calling on you blogger buddies.

Peep the links below:

The Urban Catwalk & The Garage (we go live on April 1st, we're still making adjustments)



agnes said...

ce look te vas très bien, j'aime beaucoup ton tee, et ton pantalon rouge said...

Definitely looks like a fun event. keep us updated. Will definitely love to join u guys.
P.s love the street pictures

Violet said...

your style is cool! love the backpack

im following! :)

Vi from Cali

Andrew said...

these are so cuteeeeee
i love the guys orange shirt haha

Fashioninfusion said...

You guys look amazing!!! XxX