Saturday, October 9, 2010

Back Packing It

Nicole boots
H&M shorts
F21 knit top & bag

Fall is here. I can't let go of my shorts.

Peace to the Middle East,



Manecoarse said...

Cute look. Love your hair too.

jamie-lee said...

that backpack is sweet - I'm still tossing up as to whether or not i want one... hmm

ari said...

I have that same exact bag, and I have never worn it as a back pack!
which is a shame because I have been wanting a back pack really bad! :0

Elaine said...

Great boots! I love the bag.

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simplychic said...

and you shouldn't let go of them b/c you look fantastic. love the socks peeking out above the boots.

ARA said...

love your backpack and your top.xx

Annushka said...

Very nice post)))
I Love this style.