Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Malcom Brickhouse, Jarad Dawkins and Alec Atkins aren't only the blackest names you've ever heard, they make up the heavy metal group Unlocking the Truth. Hailing from Brooklyn these tween metal heads are causing quite the buzz for themselves. Talented musicians come and go, talented twelve year olds are quite impressive but talented 6th grade musicians that play metal who happen to be black is blowing the minds of many. Yes, they're breaking down stereotypes; black people don't only like "black" things and it's totally refreshing to hear music and see faces we've somehow deemed incongruent. They're the faces of every black person that was accused of acting white, teased about how they spoke then asked to write letters home from sleep away camp because these bullies were almost teenagers but were completely illiterate (a true story from my race chronicles). I wonder how they got their name: Unlocking the Truth, whatever the story, it seems quite fitting. What's more truthful than not complying to social constraints and doing what you like? Think about it. Every move we make is influenced by the world. To be brave enough to act in a way that isn't expected of us deserves, at the very least, a write up on a fashion blog.

If you're in New York, Unlocking the Truth is playing tomorrow night in Williamsburg. Deets HERE



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