Friday, October 14, 2011

little girl type

bass loafers
my brother's old polo sweater
f21 skirt
bdg jacket
(?) denim vest

Really into these loafers that can be seen on a number of yuppy types, old dudes and boys that go to catholic school.


Melissa B. said...

pretty positive I had those EXACT loafers while at Trinity

simplychic said...

omg...look at all the shoes!

Britt Britt said...

Those are some shiny floors you got there.What up Brooklyn!!LoL

C & M said...

fabulous outfit!

Anonymous said...

we have similar taste in comfy shoes...i also bought a pair of bass slip on loafers...gonna order some more...i got a question though...did you happen to go a half a size down...i realized that they seem to run extremely big...did you have the same issue

Andrew said...

living for the loafers!