Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Bowler hat via St Mark Place
H&M sweater dress (worn open)
Fred Flare sweatshirt
Coach boots

Haven't done an outfit post in so long. The cold weather makes me into a little tomboy and I just wear the same shit over and over again. If not for myself, I should try to dress the way I usually do for the blog. I'm trying to get back in the blogging spirit : )

Hoping you're warmer than I am in NY,



Anonymous said...

Why are you taking pictures in the bathroom? At least hide the the toilet Kimberly.

:) :)


simplychic said...

lol @ the comment above.

your sweater is adorable.

getting motivated to get dolled up in cold weather is hard to do. that's when nice coats and scarves come in handy.

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jeune premier said...

Here in Greece is very cold too!!
I love winter but when is that cold it's kind of difficult being warm and stylish!
I know what you mean...

PS.nice outfit!

Kathryn said...

love the boots!

Andrew said...

haha cute,
I really love your bowler. Looks great on ya