Monday, November 15, 2010

Rebel School Boy

BDG cords
Bass loafers
Lark & Wolff button down
jacket via Pay Half
street vendor glasses (St.Marks)
UO ear cuff

Since joining the StyleLikeU team I've watched many of the closets (videos). One of the features, Taylor Moore, described his style as rebel school boy. I was so inspired by his bad boy infused southern style that I thought I would put together by own rebel school boy look.

Happy Monday pretty people,



Puck Litaay said...

Your jacket is pretty awesome

boBbi. J. said...

i love the look a very comfortable lool but edge.

xoxo said... ur take on mens inspired outfit....

Chelsea Lane said...

aadddooorrreee your outfit! the jacket and glasses are amazing


jamie-lee said...

Oh cool - I love the look on you too. I love looking at other peoples wardrobe videos, I always find them so interesting! x

Manuella said...

i like this outfit a lot...:)♥

simplychic said...

flawless...head to toe!

TheFabChick said...

Love this look! very cute