Monday, February 15, 2010

Conservatively Punky... what I have dubbed this outfit, so that is what it will be called!

Happy Belated Valentine's Day to all of you. I'm over people saying it's purely a money making holiday created by greeting card companies. I think Valentine's Day is a sweet reminder to show the ones we love that we indeed love them. Though we shouldn't need a holiday in order to express our love/like, it certainly presents the opportunity to stop and do something nice.

So this is NOT what I wore on Valentine's, this is an outfit from a few days ago. I thought not posting everyday would leave room for the days I don't wear a blog worthy outfit but it has just left me playing catch up.

The Look Goes As Follows:
H&M top, jacket, collar, skirt
UO tights & ear cuff
unfinished studded Converses
random cardigan
UO or H&M necklace (I think)



Kathryn said...

i love the tights! you look lovely as always!

Marla Singer said...

love the collar accent! surely booze the outfit <3

She's Dressing Up said...

I agree about Valentines day =]. Love the studding on your converse!

Danielle Barbe said...

LOVE the last jacket.

kirstyb said...

cute necklace xxxx

dancinginchiffon said...

love that necklace!

DIANA DYE said...

Hey Doll♥ am loving this outfit
1)The dark colors are amazing!!
2) The cut of the mini is just perfect!
3) I love the tights!
4) The coat, I LOVE leopard sooooooooo much!!
5) Your amazing cute face you look so happy and witty!
Brilliant post!
And yes I am glad to be back I’ve missed all my blogger friends 2 much!!!
Take care and thanks for visiting!