Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Purple Drank

title - a drink of choice for many, especially those who like the taste Robitussin

Yesterday night I went to a comedy show with my friend Jaren that raised money for Haiti. Being of Haitian descent it's weird to hear Haiti on the lips of people that probably never heard of the country, but it's especially weird to see my parents' country, the country that I've visited many times, all over the news. It feels different and distant. Anyway, it was a great night. My favorite comedian, Colin Quinn, was the final act and he killed. I would marry that man. Yeah he's 50 years old, don't judge me lol.

When thinking about what to wear yesterday I only had two requirements: flat shoes, no pants.Here is what I came up with.

The Look Goes As Follows:
Silence + Noise top
Silence + Noise sleeveless shirt
H&M skirt
Dr. Martens boots

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The Sound of Lace said...

so cute..great textures and colors!


FashionJazz said...

Luv this!! : ) xx

uzii said...

great az usual kj....and i luv the twists

DIANA DYE said...

I am so sorry and I hope you feel better =-) I really do I feel really bad with everything that’s going on but I couldn’t imagine my parents country going through soooo much I just cant!!! But I know this wont cheer you up completely but you have an amazing style and glasses really compliment your face am impressed I love the denim shirt I’ve been looking for one but no luck yet! Have a brilliant day!!!

Anonymous said...

The Dr Martens are so cute.
Good on your for supporting the efforts in Haiti.

Anonymous said...

Love the purple with the boots! Sounds like a great event to raise money! xo, mel

Graham I. Haynes said...

I know what you mean... sometimes these tragedies feel strangely distant, even if we are tied culturally.

Given your dressing criteria, I think you did splendidly. Love the shoes.

MyStrawberryCocktail said...

love your style girl!
u r soo pretty!

Anonymous said...

Pretty skirt!

Enter my jewelry giveaway!

simplychic said...

great skirt! perfect look for the event.

Anonymous said...

Love the boots! xo Mish

Elaine said...

Yeah...I know what you mean. Seeing it on the news makes it seem so alien and foreign to me when in reality, it could've happened to any country.. I mean we got hit with Hurricane Katrina not too long ago!

Graham I. Haynes said...

PS. Your Horatio Sanz comment cracked me up. Didn't expect anyone to recognize him.