Monday, December 14, 2009

Brit Brit is Feeding My Soul

Britney Spears' album Circus has been keeping me energized through the long nights of paper writing. Just imagine me chair dancing (which is dancing in one's seat of course) all delirious because it's like 2:30am with a smile on my face; she's better than coffee. Mannequin is my favorite song off the album with Blur coming in at a very close second. She's my guiltiest of pleasures, love her ;)

I didn't realize these oatmeal-ish cords looked like gray jeans until I asked my friend (and read the 1st comment), so hopefully the little collage I provided will give you a better grasp as to what they actually look like.

The Look Goes As Follows:
Lark & Wolff button down
BDG cords
F21 boots
0815LovesPeace coat
UO scarf


The Queen of Hearts said...

I friggin' love gray skinny jeans. I know they were a fad last year but I'm still rocking mine. Nice to see you are doing the same. That shows the power of the individual. : )

Dirty Hair Halo said...

Love your outfit. You have such great style.

My guilty Britney pleasure: Kill the Lights.

Melanie M said...

You look amazing! Great boots! I love that look! I swear, you are just too cute. Be proud of your height. I wish I was that tall. :<

Dylana said...

I love your outfit, esp. your coat!

And I love Britney's album! I could dance all night to it!

cocorosa said...

love the outfit!! :)

I have been drooling over the f21 boots!! but I couldn't figure out on the website how they would look, they look amazing on you!! so now I'm really really thinking about buying them!!

(I just missed the jc poland booties with one day :(
( I was ready to go to the airport to take off to Europe when I got the email that they were in stores!!! :/

the thing is if I buy the f21 booties they will be (with shipping to Europe) like 70 dollars :/ do you think ist worth it??

much love,

Talia said...

nice shoes.

Sabila Anata said...

the looks are wonderful!
especially the boots
do you mind exchanging links with me?
thank you

Camilla said...

I love your blog!
But it would be great if your photos were better quality! :)) xxx
Check out my fashion blog here:



sian l-b said...

i love the f21 boots!
something realy equestrian about this look, especially in the first few pictures. im so down with that!!


Myriam said...

lovely outfit! i love your boots

Anonymous said...

Nice coat! ;))

Nathalie said...

cool outfit and especially love the boots!

Teenage (ariel) Dirtbag said...

great boots!

Arielle said...

thanks for stopping by :)

The Fashion Connection said...

Very chic! Please dont ever stop blogging, I love your style!

simplychic said...

i've heard that's a good cd. i need to check it out.

the cords are super cute!

Pia said...

great boots!!! <3

Elaine said...

Yeah...they do look gray!

I love the shirt and boots you paired the cords with!

The Starving Stylist said...

grey skinnies are my personal fav, a great alternative to black but still very neutral and easy to wear with anything!

fadetoblack said...

i nearly bought those books today!


Walk The Sand said...

Love this trouser and boot combination. Awesome.

JT said...

you look amazing!!!!!!! Love the cuffed up cords!!!!! sooo cute!!!
just found your blog-way cute!
gona follow!


fadetoblack said...

fabby boots :)++

coy colleen said...

britney can get me through any day. have you seen her cover story on elle yet??
you have a great blog!