Sunday, October 25, 2009

Insecure Much?

We all have insecurities; I was just wondering how you all deal with them?

I've had acne probably since I was 13 and I'm 20 now, so it has plagued me for a long time. Not only do I have acne but I have the scars to prove it. It's my number #1 insecurity, it precedes any body issues I may have. And I've noticed because of my insecurities about my face (along with other things) I'm guarded and my self-esteem is lower than it should be. I deal with it by...I don't think I do deal with it actually. Humor covers up a lot of my issues; I turn to humor to say "everything is alright" when it sometimes isn't. So my personal mission is to figure stuff out and be confident. I think I can do it :)


Stacy said...

i actually just posted something like this about a week ago!

and lots of ppl have acne (myself included, though i use something to help it) and it's just something everyone goes through

my insecurity is my weight and i do what you do; use humour. but what i find helpful is to focus on a positive or just say "you know what? even the most beautiful woman is flawed. so am i."

Elaine said...

Good for you!!!! I have acne scars too :( And STILL have acne. Thank goodness for foundation, right? But I hope you know I think you are GORGEOUS!!!! So you really have no need to be insecure :)

The Starving Stylist said...

You know what, what you just posted to the world on your blog right now about your insecurities is literally showing that you are capable of moving on and saying that, "its alright, I have insecurities and so does everyone else". This is extremely brave of you for posting this and i give you MAJOR props! You're beautiful, inside and out. xoxo

Melloney said...

My insecurity is my vitiligo.
You have probably heard from it,
Michael Jackson had the same skin desease.
Luckely I don't have it on my face, but I do have it in my neck, on my elbow,
and on my knees.
So in summer I don't wear any skirts or shorts cause I'm ashamed of it.
First I wasn't untill a boy I liked saw it and said 'eeeeewww what is that? Get away from me!'
My boyfriend at the moment don't mind that I have vitiligo at all though,
He always says it makes me unique.
For other people I'm still a bit ashamed though,
Just afraid for their reaction and how that reaction maybe is going to hurt me.
So I barely wear skirts/shorts, and if I do I try to cover it up with foundation,
and wear natural colored tights. That helps but it takes a lot of time.
And I have my hair hanging over my vitiligo spot in my neck,
I just never put my hair up. The spot on my elbow is not that big,
and I noticed that people around me don't really notice that one,
So I do just wear short sleeves etc.

And about your acne, acne is a hard problem to deal with.
Have you ever let a specialist take a look at it?
You can also use slagcreme for your scars, it will make them less visible.
And well yes.. maybe foundation, but not on a oily basis.. and the best
is to not use it at all cause it might make it worse but I could understand
people use it to cover the acne up. I'd probably do the same.. look like a beautiful young lady to me,
Let people love you, and make shure they love everything about you,
Including your insecurities.
They really ain't worth your time.


Sarah said...

as your bff-you already know what i think!! but kim seriously your gorgeous! we all have insecurities! And like Marilyn Monore said "if you don't like me at my worst then you don't deserve me at my best" or something like that and it's true lovebug!

Also, try burts bee's tomato soap! that helps dry out the new ones and makes your skin clear-it's $8 at rickys-it works and it's all natural-my fav!!

Kim you are one hot mamma! :) don't forget it! People are dumb and like to put others down so they can feel better about themselves! don't listen you have a whole lifetime ahead of haters!

Beth said...

I agree with what someone said ^^ up there.
Well done, you should be proud of yourself for being this open about it all and being ready to move on.
I used to have acne too but then my GP gave me these really good tablets for getting rid of them. Maybe you could look into that?
But anyway I totally know what you are going through and just remember that everyone has insecurites.

kirstyb said...

i got acne when i was 21 and when my dr told me it was acne i cried my eyes out! the poor man must have thought i was mental! xxx

simplychic said...

i don't think there is a sole out there who doesn't have insecurities. we are all just not as brave as you to 1) admit it 2) admit in a public forum! i applaud you, and i think the fact that you did this you are on the right track to building your confidence!

Jowy said...


One Love,

Uzii said...

I soo happy to see ur grabbing ur insecurities by the balls and saying screw them. Because u r beautiful Kim, I just wish u could see what I see, both inside and out.